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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular and realistic flight simulators available. The latest version, released in 2020, utilizes advanced technology to accurately recreate the real world, including landscapes, airports, weather conditions, and aircraft.



Another well-known and widely used flight simulator. It stands out for its focus on precision and physical realism. It utilizes highly detailed flight models and advanced physics simulation to provide an authentic flight experience. It is used by aviation enthusiasts as well as real pilots for training and practice.



"P3D" is a flight simulator developed by Lockheed Martin. It is primarily designed for use in aviation training applications and simulates a wide range of situations and scenarios. It offers a highly realistic flight experience, while it is primarily oriented towards training and professional use, it is also used by aviation enthusiasts seeking highly accurate and detailed flight simulation.

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With more than 1,800 national and international destinations, our pilots have the possibility to fly to new places in the world every day!, along with our wide variety of aircraft available in our Aeromexico Connect, Aeromexico and Aeronaves de México fleet!


Since our foundation we have believed in realism, that is why we have a training department so that any pilot who requires it can extend their knowledge to another level, reaching the point of being able to use the aircraft as it would be done in real life, throughout which has allowed several of our virtual pilots to complete the civil and commercial aviation career!


Thanks to our Events Director, we have regular events for our community! However, we encourage our pilots to organize their own group flights!

Grupo Aeromexico Virtual.

Enroll today and become part of the most important and realistic VA in IVAO Mexico.


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Flight No. Pilot Origin Destination Altitude Progress
AMX225 Rene J | 294830 7324 Arrived
AMX216 Octavio E | 535689 42581 Climbing
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Bienvenidos - Welcome!

Posted by AMX Staff on 05/02/2023

¡Bienvenido a Grupo Aeroméxico Virtual!

Estamos muy emocionados de tenerte a bordo y de darte la bienvenida. En Grupo Aeroméxico Virtual, somos un equipo apasionado de aviadores virtuales que comparten el amor por la aviación y el deseo de simular vuelos de manera realista y auténtica.

Nos esforzamos por brindar una experiencia de vuelo realista y de alta calidad para nuestros pilotos virtuales, por lo que contamos con un sistema de formación y capacitación riguroso que te permitirá perfeccionar tus habilidades de vuelo y navegar por los cielos con confianza. No importa si eres un piloto experimentado o un novato que recién comienza, en Grupo Aeroméxico Virtual siempre tendrás una comunidad de apoyo y recursos a tu disposición para ayudarte a crecer y mejorar como piloto virtual.

Una vez más, te damos la bienvenida a bordo. ¡Estamos emocionados de verte volar con nosotros!


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